"Don't tell God how big your storm is; tell your storm how big your God is."

I believe in God.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have no idea why I feel the need to talk to God on a public forum, or even what this will say. Here we go.

Dear God,

I'm tired. I messed up my med timing again last night.

Dear God,

I'm tired. It's been a long week.

Dear God,

I'm tired. I need time to catch up with "John".

Dear God,

It's "Lucy's" birthday tomorrow.

Dear God,

Why am I telling you this? You know it all already.

Dear God,

Thank You,

For this is my life.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two Prayers I Wrote

Here are two prayers I wrote, the first for Grady and the second for Abby:

This is a prayer for Grady.
Grady is a two-year-old, Eastern European orphan with arthrogryposis.
He needs help. He needs a family. He needs modern medical knowledge. He needs prayer.
I will lift him up in prayer.
I am lifting Grady up in prayer and praying that
He may have a good night's sleep
He will get sunshine and fresh air
His family is coming soon.
Please, God.

This is a prayer for Abby. Abby has come too far to relapse now. She's been doing chemo for over two years now.
May it be Your will:
That Abby recover fully.
That her days are filled with light and fun.
That her parents and doctors will be wise and caring.
That her spirit will remain strong and her soul resilient.
That someday she will run and play.
Please, God.

Please Join Me in Praying for Abby Riggs

She is in danger of relapse.

riggsfamilyblog.com to learn more.

Friday, April 9, 2010

God and Colleges

When I left home for my current school, I knew that I was following God. I felt pulled; I had had personal revelations; I just knew that it was right. I followed where God led.

Now I do not feel God guiding me. I am left to choose a college on my own. This does not scare me; I can do just fine with it. It's just totally different from what I expected.

I need to remember, however, that everything works out with God in control. I have gone places simply because I wanted to and had my spiritual life irreversibly change for the better.

God's got me. I'm planning. We're good.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


for some personal reasons, I need God. I need God. Right now. I am praying every moment I think of this issue. I need God. I need God. I need God.


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