"Don't tell God how big your storm is; tell your storm how big your God is."

I believe in God.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Poetry

Here are three more poems.  Enjoy!

This Is For The Girl...
This is for the girl,
Screaming "Make it stop!"
Locked away inside,
Giving up all hope.

And this is for the girl,
Hiding in her bed,
Covering her face,
Cowering away.

"There will be hope one day,"
I want to tell that girl;
Yellow butterflies,
Flowers on the green.

"It goes away, you know,"
I want to tell that girl;
"You'll be OK again,
And peace will reign supreme."

This is for the girl.

A Tour
Nobody knows
How best to respond.

They don't get it,
Plain and simple.
I am trapped
In a horror movie.

This horror movie
Never ends;
The scenes continue
Day and night.

"Wake up! Wake up!"
I want to scream,
But that is useless too.

My endless rage--
My savage rage--
And nobody can help.

Welcome home.

Making a Poem (A Poet's Secret Recipe)
Making a poem
Takes courage
And fear.

One must fear the Unknown
Enough to explore it;
One must have the courage
To go.

THINGS will be turned up:
The volume,
The feelings;
One must have the courage
To stand.

One must fear the beauty:
The flowers,
The whistles.
Only fear of the beauty
Will do.

Making a poem takes love,
And effort;
Making a poem
Takes love.

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