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Thursday, March 5, 2015

More About Purim

Last night was honestly the first time I've had fun in weeks, and it was so refreshing! I managed to make it through the reading of the story by sitting on the floor, so my feet could be level with my butt and I could fidget as needed.  I even made noise with my noisemaker (called a gragger) in all the right places (the name of the villain).

Following the reading of the story, I went to a carnival.  I arrived too late to enter the costume contest, but that was OK because my costume was honestly somewhat lame in comparison to the others.  The winning group, for instance, went as a game of tetras.  They nested together and everything!

The funniest solo costume was a big, burly, Orthodox guy who wrote his name in Hebrew on the contest entry form...and went as Elsa from Frozen.  No one was expecting it, which made it even funnier.

Last night I proved that people who are horribly affected by weird genetic disorders can have fun too.  Take that, RND!

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