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Saturday, April 29, 2017

In Support No Longer

I needed to write about this tonight because it is such a major change to this blog.  As of now, I am done supporting Reece's Rainbow, and you will never see another post about them.  I have been reading a message board against large-family, Christian, international adoption.  On that board are allegations such as:

  • Reece's Rainbow has photo listings for kids from countries who do not allow them.  In Ukraine, one is not even allowed to plan to adopt a specific child--yet people do, through Reece's Rainbow.
  • Many of the donations given to help specific children or families never reach those children or families.
  • Many, many failed adoptions--disruptions and even deaths--happened on Reece's Rainbow's watch.  Reece's Rainbow removed all evidence.
I didn't want to believe this information.  I truly didn't.  As I continued over the message board, however, I realized: many people were saying these things, and the good I have heard about Reece's Rainbow has pretty much only come from the organization itself.

I feel grossly naive when I think about all of the efforts I put into helping Reece's Rainbow.  Here's the thing, though: when I first found out about Reece's Rainbow, I was, in fact, naive.  I was also a teenager.  Teenagers have a right to their naivety. 

I am, however, a teenager no longer.  I owe it to myself and to the world to act on the truth.


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