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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taharat Mishpahah

I have recently "discovered" an area of Jewish law which I was previously perfectly happy ignoring.  Taharat Mishpahah, or Family Purity, refers to a grouping of laws governing what a man and his wife may or may not do when she is menstruating and for seven days afterward.  I am aware that I am lesbian, and that in their strictest interpretation, these laws do not apply to me and will not apply to my household one day.  And yet a deep part of me wants them to apply, as if their application legitimates me and my (future) marriage.

I am very fortunate to have a female Rabbi working for the Hillel at my school, and to have a good relationship with her.  She has taken it upon herself to investigate this for me and find out whether or not these laws apply to me.  If not, not; and if they do, I will take them on as I have taken on everything else--wholeheartedly, and trying my best.


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