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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving--and Hannukkah

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the basics: family, a roof over my head, and religious freedom.  I bring up the last one because Thanksgiving this year overlaps with Hannukkah, when Jews everywhere celebrate a military victory and the regaining of the right to worship in the Temple.  (The miracle of oil story is a myth.)

But before I go any farther--and this may turn out to be a very disorganized post, fair warning--before I go any farther, I want to point out that not everybody is lucky enough to have what I have.  I feel as though I stripped my thankfulness down to the basics, and even then, not everybody has them.

Take the children on Reece's Rainbow (you knew it was coming!), for instance.  I feel that tonight is my night to get the word out.  Across the ocean, in many different countries, lie children with no families to take care of them.  They have a roof over their heads, but in some cases even their most basic needs are not provided for.

About religious freedom: I grew up, and continue to live, in a place and time in which Jews are full and equal citizens.  The magic and awesomeness of living in such a position was never lost on me, as I know enough of Jewish history to know that this is the exception to the rule.  Thank You, God, for my religious freedom, for the privilege of being able to be a Jew and an American, without anybody asking me to choose.

To close, I just want to include pictures of "my" Reece's Rainbow children, "Jacob" and "Tatiana."  "Jacob" is my official Prayer Warrior assignment; "Tatiana" is one I took upon myself because I felt something tugging at me and calling me to do so.  As I always request during a Reece's Rainbow blurb, please consider getting involved yourself.

(Top: "Tatiana"; Bottom: "Jacob")
Tatiana 2013
Jacob sm

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