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Friday, June 20, 2014

"Making Lemonade"

So I got unfairly evicted from my summer program of Jewish learning, much to my sorrow.  I decided, however, to have a summer of Jewish learning anyway, even if I'm on my own.  So, every day:

1. I pray three times.
2. I study Talmud (Jewish legal codes) with my brother for about an hour in the morning.  We are pretty much on an equal--very beginner--study level, and we learn off each other.  It's fun! Today we only managed to cover three lines in that hour, but it's fun.
3. I do some other kind of Jewish reading for an hour in the afternoon.  Right now I am reading Sacred Fragments by Neil Gillman; when I finish that I plan to start reading the whole Hebrew Bible, cover to cover, hopefully mostly in Hebrew.

Dammit, summer program people, I will learn and grow Jewishly this summer, and "make lemonade" out of your "lemons"!

And a quick prayer for my "Jacob," publicly:

Dear God, please find my "Jacob" a home.  I worry about him, God; he's so small and puny-looking.  He needs a Mommy and Daddy, God, and brothers and sisters to love! Keep him warm and safe and well-fed until his family comes.  Please, God.  Please, God! Please, God!!! Love, Your Girl

And, not surprisingly, here is "Jacob's" picture, again:

Jacob sm


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