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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Saga of "Rheann"

A while back--think like 2011-2012--I was praying for my second Reece's Rainbow child, a little girl in R*ssia whom Reece's Rainbow called "Erin," then "Rheann."  When I first started to pray for her, Reece's Rainbow was displaying the following picture; I hoped that it was very old because otherwise "Erin"/"Rheann" was very stunted in growth:

Over time, I continued to pray for "Erin"/"Rheann," and I was hungry for an updated picture.  After a while, Reece's Rainbow posted this picture:

"Erin," as RR was still calling her at that point, looked stunted in growth, but not nearly so much as in her previous photo; also, the toys and plants around her reassured me that she was still in a relatively decent place.

When P*tin closed off American adoptions from R*ssia in 2012, and Reece's Rainbow reallocated the grant money of their R*ssian kids, I asked to be reassigned as a Prayer Warrior as well, because I wanted to go where I had half a chance of making a difference.  I was assigned to a sweet-looking girl with Down Syndrome from Ch*na, "Isabella."  She found a home in a  matter of weeks of my praying for her.  After that, I was assigned to a little Ch*nese boy, "Jacob," with Down Syndrome and heart problems; I have been praying for him for almost two years now.

Even as I prayed for "Isabella" and "Jacob," "Erin"/"Rheann" remained in my heart.  Yesterday I decided to look up her listing on Reece's Rainbow (they kept all the R*ssian kids even though they cannot be adopted right now) and to my delight I discovered a new picture! Here it is:


Words cannot express how relieved this picture makes me feel.  My "Rheann" is OK: she is well-dressed and smiling.  She is OK.  She is OK.

Praise God.

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