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Thursday, August 4, 2011


(This isn't exactly religion related, but since this has become my main blog, I am posting this here anyway.)

Yesterday my heart was pierced, and I nearly cried. I was watching the Reece's Rainbow "ministry video" (think 12 minute informercial) and I was seeing pictures of orphans waiting to be adopted. BREAK. MY. HEART. Then I saw the words "and the angels we didn't get to in time." BREAK. MY. HEART. all over again.

Then this morning I was on a blog with a slide show of older, disabled kids who are loved by nobody, except from afar by families in foreign countries, many of whom cannot afford to adopt or show their love to these adolescents and teens. BREAK. MY. HEART. I couldn't watch it. I know what happens to those kids when they "age out." The "lucky" ones end up on the street, where sixty percent of the girls turn to prostitution, seventy percent of the boys turn to crime, and ten percent of these teens commit suicide before their eighteenth birthday. The even more unlucky ones (disabled physically or mentally) end up in mental institutions, where they are mostly neglected or forced to sit all day with nothing to do but stare into space. BREAK. MY. HEART.

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