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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little Worried...

I am a little worried because the "channel," so to speak, between me and God, is currently very often open. Two days ago I actually went partway "through" it. (I put "through" quotes because this stuff does not happen in our world's concept of space, time, etc.) I came back before I had any real visions, but still. A slip like that is enough to make anyone scared. (In case I forgot to mention it, my visions etc. are dangerous because they seem to lead to bipolar episodes.)

A friend of mine mentioned to me today that the visions etc. happen "in my head." Well, the truth is, they do and they don't. They absolutely do not happen in "real" space, yet at the same time, they happen as far outside of self as it is possible to go.

I have decided to currently live a halakhic (obedient to the laws) Jewish life, but not much more. I will not write any letters to God, reread any letters I have already written to God, etc.

And, as always, a plea for prayers for "Erin." Just for fun, please comment (it can be anonymous) if you are praying for her or are a Prayer Warrior yourself. I would like to see how many we have.

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