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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A New Place

I am in a new place religiously.

Up until now, despite the fact that I am very open about my lesbianism, I was against homosexual religious marriages and even more so against homosexual Rabbis.  And then!

I was in the shower one evening when I realized that the main reason I am a Conservative (aka not an Orthodox) Jew has little to do with beliefs about the origins of the Torah and even less to do with dietary or sabbath laws.  The issue over which I break with the Orthodox movement is women's rights.  As a woman, I simply cannot stomach a Judaism that denies me certain rights in the synangogue because of part of who I am.

And then that little voice inside me whispered, "Being lesbian is also part of who you are."

So.  If I am to demand equal rights as a woman, I must also demand them as a lesbian.  I am a FEMALE, LESBIAN JEW.  I demand equal opportunities and rights for all parts of me, all at once.  Pure and simple.

Done.  My journey has taken a new turn.  I am excited.

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