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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Would you please pray for me?

My RND (chronic pain syndrome) has kicked back up again.  Virtually overnight it went from "I can pretend I'm OK; look at me, I'm OK." to "Oh crap."  I am really, really hurting and the pain just does not stop.

I am doing everything I can to actively fight back: exercising aerobically for half an hour every day the gym is open, going through my home exercises, desensitizing the affected areas.  So far, things are only getting worse.  I am reminding myself that this always gets worse before it gets better, but I am downright scared.

I am going to give this a month--no more, no less--of my best efforts before I contact my doctor's people.  During that time, could I ask for prayers, please?

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  1. You got it. Pray for you all the time anyway but now I can pray more specifically. Julia


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