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Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Works of the Heart"

The other day, I discovered the most wonderful clothing site called "Works of the Heart."  I do not remember the exact URL; go ahead and google it, please! Like "My Culottes," "Works of the Heart" is very Christian in origin, nature, and mission, but it serves my purposes well and is so much fun!

You see, I recently discovered/decided my "personal style": old-fashioned, flouncy, ruffled, etc.  Think pioneer or Victorian era.  The clothes on "Works of the Heart" fit this description perfectly.  They sell every kind of women's and little girls' clothes, in many fabrics.

The fun comes in with the way the site is designed.  Each clothing item is shown with a line drawing, and then you get to pick your fabric.  Most of the items have names to go with them.  For example, this winter I will be getting "Lydia's Dress" (not sure what fabric yet; something polyester but I don't know exactly what), "Rhoda's Dress" (polyester again, again not sure exactly what), a side-button jumper in pink corduroy, and a blouse, not sure exactly which one yet, in white flannel to go under the jumper, or to be paired with a denim skirt on "warmer" days.

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  1. You might want to check out http://www.koshercasual.com/ in addition. They have some great designs, too.


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