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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gathering Prayers for "Trudy"

Some of you may remember "Trudy," an older girl on Reece's Rainbow about whom I blogged several months ago.  Her picture is here:


"Trudy" was born in 1998, which means she will age out of the system sometime in 2014.  The end of 2014 is fast approaching; "Trudy" only has a few more months.  Because she has HIV and no other disability, if I understand correctly she will be thrown out on the streets.  She will have no access to her medication, and will likely die of AIDS.

I had always intended to be "Trudy's" Prayer Warrior once "Jacob" got adopted, but it doesn't look as if that will happen any time soon.  I have found a Prayer Warrior for "Trudy"--I recently got yet another friend hooked on Reece's Rainbow and she said she'd do it--but I am asking anyone who reads this blog, and believes in the power of prayer, to pray too.  You don't need to commit to praying for "Trudy" every day; please just think a prayer quickly as you read this.

And here are pictures of the Reece's Rainbow kids, "Neal" and "Stanley," whose Prayer Warriors are friends of mine:


Neal Photo 3 rec. Jan-2013



And of course, "my kid," "Jacob":

Jacob sm


  1. If she is in any of the former Soviet or Soviet satelite states, she will move on to trade school with very little actual supervision. If she chooses to leave, no one will hold her back.

  2. Prayers for them all, but especially Trudy. What a terrible system to put a 16 year old out without support.


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