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Monday, June 1, 2015

Musings on "Jacob's" Birth-Month

"My" "Jacob" turns five sometime this month.  I do not know the exact day; Reece's Rainbow never reveals that.  His profile, however, tells me he was born in June of 2010, which puts him turning five this month.

The older "Jacob" gets, the less likely it becomes that he will get adopted.  Parents tend to want younger children: statistically more often girls, but certainly more often younger children.

I often stop to think about how long I have been praying for "Jacob."  I jumped into this before he turned three, and now he is turning five.  That makes it more than two years.  In all that time, his pictures have not been updated, and nothing has been added to his description.

Without an update between then and now, it is impossible for adoptive parents to know what they are getting into.  For example, his description says that he is restless and stubborn.  A true temperament issue, or just a bad day the day he was observed? Additionally, it is written that he cannot talk, but in the intervening time he might have learned how to do this.

Please join me in praying for "Jacob"!


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