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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Obsessive-Compulsive to the Extreme!

Recently I have gotten obsessive-compulsive to the extreme (and no, I do not actually have OCD), enjoying planning school outfits the Sunday before.  Right now I have to plan two sets, warm weather and cool weather; according to current weather forecast, I will be wearing my cool weather Monday outfit tomorrow, and warm weather outfits the rest of the week.

For reasons I don't feel like publicly discussing yet, I have chosen to restrict myself to my smallest kippot when going to school; I will restrict myself still further, to suede only, once I am working.  In the meantime, I am left with roughly 14 from which to choose for school.  Recall that my school week is four days long; this system works fine.

I am allowing myself one day to wear my special super-fancy clogs, and I have one colorful tallit katan.  I have worked those in, too.

Now for this week's outfits (and no, don't worry, I won't do this to you every week)!


MONDAY: Plain Purple Long-Sleeve Shirt; Short Pink Skirt; Gray Leggings with Rose Pattern; Pink Suede Kippah; Purple Clips.
TUESDAY: Pastel Pink Long-Sleeve Shirt; Long Pink Print Skirt; Black Footless Tights, White Socks; Pink Suede Kippah; Pink Clips.
WEDNESDAY: Sky Blue 3/4-Sleeve Shirt; Short Blue Skirt; Flowered Tights; Flower Kippah S'rugah; Blue Clips; Homemade Tallit Katan.
THURSDAY: Denim Button-Down Shirt; Medium Denim Skirt; Black Tights; Navy-Suede-with-Chain-Link-Border Kippah; Blue Clips; Clogs.


MONDAY: Pink-and-Blue Tie Dye T-shirt; Short Pink Skirt; Pink Suede Kippah; Blue Clips.
TUESDAY: Pink Polo Shirt; Long Pink Print Skirt; Pink Suede Kippah; Pink Clips; Homemade Tallit Katan.
WEDNESDAY: Dark Green "Stop Following Me!" T-shirt; Short Blue Skirt; Green-and-Yellow Kippah, Crocheted by Sami; Blue Clips; Clogs.
THURSDAY: Blue Habitat for Humanity T-shirt; Medium Denim Skirt; Navy-Suede-with-Chain-Link-Border Kippah; Blue Clips.

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