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Friday, November 11, 2016

Milestone Birthday

Yes, I know my birthday's not till February (because I celebrate my Hebrew birthday now, it "moves", and this year it's February 13th); no, it doesn't bother me to commit to a birthday gift this early.  This is because for my birthday this year, I am getting a...BISEXUAL PRIDE KIPPAH!

Yes really! They really exist! I contacted the same Etsy seller who made my gay pride kippah years ago, and she said she could do a bisexual pride one for me! She seems great to work with.  She named a reasonable price considering she's doing this crocheting by hand (and, if my gay pride kippah is any indication, it will be high quality and look machine-done) of 30 dollars.  She double checked what size to make it.  She even told me she is not doing much crocheting any more, but she will do this for me anyway! And...she wished me Mazel Tov on my latest self-discovery! It doesn't get better than that.

Jewish days begin the night before, so I will open my bisexual pride kippah after dark on February 12th.  I will wear it for the first time February 13th.  (I deliberately asked for it to be small enough--four and a half inches across, same as the gay pride one--that I could wear it during the week under my new "weekday kippah" rules.)  I am proud of who I am: as a Jew, as a woman, and as a non-hetero-normative being.  I can't wait to show off.

So just a little bit excited over here...and metaphorically jumping up and down.

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