"Don't tell God how big your storm is; tell your storm how big your God is."

I believe in God.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

(Very) Early Morning Musings

I am up at an incredibly early hour today...we are talking 2:08 am.  I am not going back to sleep for a couple of  reasons. The first is that I just don't want  to.  The second, and more serious and important, is that in the  past, when I've been up and then gone back to sleep on nights before big events (tomorrow I am seeing a neuro-opthalmologist), I miss my alarm in the morning.  So no, I am not  going back to sleep. Oh, well.  One night of lost sleep won't kill me.

In any case--I am up at this incredibly early hour.  Two of my favorite  commandments can only be done in the daylight.  I didn't grow up with either, but really  want to add them to my life because I love the beauty and  the meaning of them. I keep  forgetting (and to my understanding, once I speak upon  waking, I cannot fulfill them), but I stuck a note-to-self under my clock, and we'll see if that helps.

In any case, my point is, These commandments cannot  be fulfilled for another three and a half hours.  At least I'll be already awake and cognizant enough to remember them!]

The first of the two is to sing a hymn, Modeh (for males)/Modah (for females) Ani.  Modeh/Modah Ani literally translates to "We Thank You."  In it, we thank God for returning our souls to our bodies upon waking.  No, I do not  believe God takes souls while people sleep; however, singing these words creates a meaningful moment with God upon waking.

The second commandment is ritual hand washing.  In the post from last night, you can see the pretty cup and towel I use for this.  This also is away to let God  in every morning.   Washing hands, which takes  three seconds, literally  changes the feel for my entire day, especially if I follow it up with morning  prayers.  Also, my cup and towel are too pretty, and cost me too much, not to be used.

God is wherever we let God be.


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