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Monday, February 27, 2017

Documenting a Wardrobe: Part Five: The Others

Finally we have come to the end of this series.  This is a catch-all post, for the three skirts that do not fit in any of the other four categories.  Each one is unique.

I call this skirt the "modesty trainer."  This is because it is so tight it forces small, ladylike steps and controls how one sits.  I bought it to go with undergrad university t-shirts, which are red.

This is another one from myculottes.com.  It is exactly the same as the long denim, the long brown, the multicolored floral, and the long pink; except that it is kid-sized, not adult-sized.  It therefore hangs roughly to my mid calf, and is snug.  I mended part of one of its side seams myself, by hand.

And this one is the "not quite denim!" I call it that because it looks denim, but is actually soft cotton.  I added the purple patch myself to cover a hole I made when I fell rollerblading.

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