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Monday, February 27, 2017

Documenting a Wardrobe: Part Two: The Long Miscellaneous

So even though I meant to do one of these a day, I had the extra time right now, and they are so much fun, I decided to do a second one.  In this post, I will be showing you my three "long miscellaneous" skirts.  In other words, they are long and not denim.  All three come from myculottes.com and are 33 inches long, hanging almost to my ankle.

This is my long brown skirt, in fact my only brown skirt.  I love brown--sometimes I think it's my second favorite color, sometimes my third, but it's definitely up there--but I really don't look good in it because of my skin tone.  However, skirts do not go next to faces, so in skirts I can get away with it.  I got this skirt in my first round of skirts, right when I started wearing them full time.

And this is my multicolored floral skirt, also bought in that first round! This one is a lot of fun to wear because it is my most colorful clothing item.  It does take a bit of creativity to  find shirts that do not clash with the many colors in the print.  I consider this skirt to be a set with my gay pride kippah, because they are both rainbow.  I do wear the kippah with other skirts, but I never wear this skirt with other kippot.

Finally, this is my long pink print, sometimes just referred to as the long pink (as opposed to the short pink).  I got this one in Fall 2014, a few months after I started wearing skirts full time.  It's a little hard to see the print in this photo, but it is tiny vines and leaves in slightly lighter and slightly darker pink.  I am going through a pink phase right now, and this is one of my favorite skirts to wear.


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