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Monday, February 27, 2017

Documenting a Wardrobe: Part One: The Denims

Many times on this blog, I have shared my entire kippah collection.  Now I have decided to share something else: my skirts/skorts.  I honestly don't know how many of you will be interested, but this is my blog.  I can do this if I want.

Each post--there will be five--will have two to three pictures.  This one has three.  Most of my skirts/skorts have stories, which I will be sure to tell.  In this post, I am showing off my denims: the short, the medium, and the long.

In this picture, you see my short denim, which hangs to just below my knees.  It is one of my three shortest skirts that I own, the other being my "short stretchies" as I call them.  Anyway, I got this skirt on my first trip to Covered Girl Clothing, an Orthodox Jewish clothing store about a half hour walk from my university.  I walked into the store that day having no idea what I would find, but with a budget of 100 dollars for "something pink and something denim."  I walked out that day with this as my denim; it cost me 40 dollars.  It zips up the back, and has pockets made of sky blue floral material.

This is my medium denim, also from Covered Girl Clothing.  I got this on my third and final trip there, as a sort of graduation present to myself.  I had gone back partially to get one last skirt, and partially to say good-bye to the lady who runs the store, with whom I had had some deep conversations as I shopped.  She wasn't there that day (her husband was there instead), but I walked out with this nice skirt.  This one also cost me about 40 dollars.  It was my third choice out of the three I tried on, but it was the one that fit best.  This one is about four to five inches longer than the short one.

And this is my long denim! This one came from myculottes.com, a very Christian website committed to  making modest clothing for women.  I actually have six things from them, soon to be seven.  (Today actually, I am ordering a pink print skort as my "just because" spring/summer item from them.  I am super excited.)  I actually got my first long denim when I was first getting into skirts only, two summers ago.  This one is a replacement, as that one got lost in one of my many moves.  This one is very long; I like to get my myculottes.com skirts and skorts as long as I can without adding extra cost.  That means I get my skorts 27 inches long, and skirts 33 inches long.  So this one hangs almost to my ankles.  I love these skirts (and skorts even more so) because I have full range of motion and position--such as sitting cross legged--and can still be modest.


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