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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Wear or Not to Wear?

I have been debating for several days now the idea of going back to wearing a tallit katan, also known as arba kanfot. The tallit katan is a four-cornered garment with holy fringes tied on each corner. Even more than the kippah, it is worn only by traditional (usually Orthodox) Jewish men.

The stares I get because of my kippah pale in comparison to the stares I got, and would get, because of my arba kanfot, yet I want to wear them in order to feel closer to God.

There is also the issue of tallit gadol (my "big tallis", the kind I made once and wear each day when praying). I am not sure whether one needs a tallit gadol if one is wearing a tallit katan, and I don't want to give up wearing my tallit gadol.

So what to do? Opinions please?


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