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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Book of Ezekiel...and Other News

It's been a relatively long time since I posted about my Bible reading journey.  I am now in the book of Ezekiel, the last of the three major prophets.  Next up is the Book of the Twelve, also called the Twelve Minor Prophets.  They are minor not because of importance, but rather just because of size: I'm pretty sure every single one of the twelve is ten chapters or under.

Ezekiel--at least the part I've read so far (the first 22 chapters)--is a violent and angry book.  In just about every chapter, there is an oracle (the prophet hears something) in which God threatens to destroy the Israelites.  Given my track record with Jeremiah, you would think I would simply love reading this, but somehow this stuff is too violent and angry even for me.  I understand that Ezekiel smooths out and gets more peaceful in later chapters; I am looking forward to reading that part.

In other news: I have my last final today at noon, and then I am DONE with my fourth year of college! (Not graduating just quite yet, I have one more semester, but still exciting.)  My father is coming afterwards to help me pack up, and we will be out of here for the summer this evening!

 For the first time in a long time, I do not need to take any incompletes, and therefore do not have any school work to do over the summer.  In order to be productive and not go crazy sitting at home for three months, I plan to either volunteer at the local synagogue, get a job, or both; I will also continue my Bible reading project intensively and in earnest, and possibly even pick up another Jewish book before I finish the Bible.

 I know that I would like to reread Seek My Face, Speak My Name by Arthur Green, which I have picked up several times but never finished; River of Light, by Lawrence Kushner, would probably also be good to reread, because it's very complex and I think I was simply too young for it the last few times I read it.  (Yes, it's that good, good enough to reread several times! River of Light is actually one of my favorite Jewish philosophy/theology books.)

In "world" news, Julia and Rob Nalle, who blog over at covenantbuilders.blogspot.com , are on their way home (I think) with their newly adopted son, John.  Although a monkey wrench was thrown into their adoption process (they had gone over for a girl, "Harper," but she said no, she didn't want to go with them), everybody agrees that their finding John was a huge answer to everybody's prayers, not least because their son Aaron, also adopted from Eastern Europe and also disabled, now has a playmate on an equal level.

And now...because I have to...the one and only..."Jacob" (who, I point out, is turning five next month!)


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