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Friday, May 15, 2015

Whispered Blessings; Big, Important Dreams

I have been thinking a ton recently about "my" little Reece's Rainbow guy, "Jacob."  It's been very nearly two years since I became his Prayer Warrior (I will do a special post on the day that marks this two-year anniversary), and I am feeling the pressure to make a difference and find him a home.  I began to pray for "Jacob" shortly before his third birthday, and now he's turning five next month.

In all this time, "Jacob" has not had new pictures, an update to his description, nothing.  Its sad really, because I don't even completely know whether he's alive or dead.  Yet continue to pray I shall, because what else can I do?

And here are "Jacob's" pictures, my only connection to this precious boy, again, just in case his special someone sees them today:

JacobJacob sm

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