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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Documenting Kippot (by Color)

Every so often I do one of these posts, where I categorize and photograph my growing collection of kippot.  I set up the photographs according to various categories: for this particular post, I grouped by color.  I am proud of my collection, and I have acquired several since the last time I did one of these; I am now up to 39.  Every single kippah I own made it into a picture for this post, except the one currently on my head, which I will describe here.  That one is a purple "Bat Mitzvah Beanie."  The term Bat (or Bar) Mitzvah Beanie comes from my father, and I have adopted it.  When we use that term, we mean one of the large, cheap satin ones, readily available at most B'nei Mitzvah.

PINK! Bottom Left: "Geometric Shapes Magenta" embroidered silk, by designer Yair Emanuel; "Pink with Pomegranates" embroidered silk, by designer Yair Emanuel.  Middle: "Bat Mitzvah Beanie" collected for me by my father.  Top: suede, from my own Bat Mitzvah; hand crocheted, by my friend Sami.

RED! Left to Right: Velvet, extra large, collected from family drawer; "Flowers Magenta" embroidered silk, by designer Yair Emanuel; dragon, silk, bought on Etsy; machine embroidered silk, extra large, by designer Yair Emanuel.  The middle two were specifically bought to wear with undergrad university t-shirts, which were red...I specifically bought one of my warm-weather skirts to go with them, too.

GREEN! Left to Right: Hand crocheted by my friend Sami; crocheted, free from Bar Mitzvah.  That particular Bar Mitzvah actually had them in two color schemes, and the other was blue and purple.  I thought that one was prettier, but as you will soon see, I had lots of blue and lots of purple already; I needed the green one more.

BLUE! Bottom, Left to Right: "Bedtime Kippah," probably the first I ever owned, though I don't remember receiving it; "Bar Mitzvah Beanie;" "Bar Mitzvah Beanie."  Middle, Left to Right: canvas, free from Bat Mitzvah; machine embroidered silk from designer Yair Emanuel, and also the only one in this picture I purchased, rather than receiving free; crocheted, free from Bat Mitzvah; satin (not "Bat Mitzvah Beanie" due to size, quality, and internal clip), free from Bat Mitzvah, and actually hand made by Bat Mitzvah family.  Top, Left to Right: suede, free from Bar Mitzvah; suede, free from Bar Mitzvah; suede, free from Bar Mitzvah; suede, free from high school graduation.

PURPLE! Bottom: Hand embroidered, high school graduation present (one this special could only be that sort of gift; I intend to get another as my college graduation gift, because no, I still haven't gotten that); hand-painted silk by designer Yair Emanuel (background was supposed to be blue, but that's another story); crocheted, bought from Kippah Man, shop on Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem; suede, free from my own Bat Mitzvah; suede, free from "Emily's" wedding ("Emily" was a roommate my sophomore year of college).

GRAY! Left to Right: Genuine US Army Issue, from the last set of uniforms;embroidered, came with my Bat Mitzvah prayer shawl, and used to be purple (When I first started wearing a kippah full time, I only had two, and one was this one, so they got a lot of use, and therefore faded.); crocheted, first that I can remember receiving, from my father.

BLACK! Left to Right: Velvet, ultra-Orthodox style, originally bought to thumb my nose at them (nobody gets the joke but me: ultra-Orthodox people just think it's a kippah, because they don't know any different; and the people who would appreciate the joke don't recognize it as ultra-Orthodox), and now I wear it on fast days and other solemn occasions, because it looks appropriate; embroidered, free with older brother's Bar Mitzvah prayer shawl, by designer Gabrieli; velvet, free from younger brother's Bar Mitzvah (I don't have one from older brother's Bar Mitzvah because I wasn't wearing/saving/collecting kippot yet...wish I did).

RAINBOW/MISCELLANEOUS! Bottom, Left to Right: Extra large, found in family drawer; crocheted, almost extra large, made in Uganda.  Top, Left to Right: Crocheted, gay pride (made by hand, really quality workmanship, bought on Etsy; I went back to the same seller and arranged a bisexual pride kippah for my birthday this year); crocheted, second I can remember receiving, gift from my father.

PAY ATTENTION.  I gave this one its very own picture, and saved it till last, for a reason.  I got this one with the "flowers magenta" (see the reds) and hand-painted silk (see the purples), and at first I didn't think much of it.  Then, in a vision, God revealed to me that if I really want to get close, to almost touch God, I should wear this kippah...and I've been using it that way ever since.  I have to be careful: if it's a day when I might already get super-close, such as Yom Kippur or just any day when I feel my defenses are compromised, I absolutely cannot wear this one...or things get unsafe really fast.  Oh, and it's plain raw silk.  Almost forgot to include that.


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