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Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Walk Through my Reece's Rainbow Experience (with Pictures)

I didn't want to just blog about pain today because I never like to end communication with someone (and yes, blog readers count) focused on that.  I decided to do a walk-through of my experience as a Reece's Rainbow Prayer Warrior.

I first signed up to be a Prayer Warrior midway through high school.  I was assigned to a two-year-old boy called "Grady," from Eastern Europe.  (You can choose your child, but I don't believe in telling God where my prayers should go, and have therefore elected to ask for a random assignment every time.)  He found a home a few months later, shortly before his third birthday.  This is "Grady":

After "Grady," I was assigned a girl in Russia.  The website called her "Erin," then changed it to "Rheann."  I have access to two pictures of her.  This is the first picture I saw...

...and this is a recent picture.  "Rheann" turned fourteen last month.


When Russia outlawed American adoptions, and Reece's Rainbow reallocated the grant funds (money donated specifically for the adoption of an individual child) of their Russian children, I asked for a new Prayer Warrior assignment, as well.  I was given "Isabella," a six-year-old with Down syndrome.  She found a home in a matter of weeks after I started praying for her.  Here she is:


And after "Isabella" came my "Jacob," for whom I have been praying for two years, eight months, and 27 days exactly.  You all know what he looks like, but here's his picture anyway.  "Jacob" will be six years old in June.

Jacob sm

And here is this post's picture of an aging-out child.  Please meet "EMMALINE," aging out in JUNE, diagnosed with Down syndrome.  I really have a weakness right now for children from my "Jacob's" country!


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