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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Getting Super Excited

When I really need God to hear me (not sure exactly what I mean by that, since God doesn't literally "hear"), I write letters.  This past summer, after years of writing on plain white printer paper or looseleaf, I finally got some special paper just for my letters: 50 sheets of cardstock, ten each in five different colors (dark green, light green, dark pink, light pink, vanilla).

Well, I am down to 24 sheets of that cardstock, which at the rate I'm going (at least one letter a day, often two, sometimes three) means it's time to think about what to use next.  I had wanted stationery by my favorite Israeli designer, Yair Emanuel; I really prefer to get everything I can from that website.  However, they want 32 dollars to ship a five dollar item! I understand why--it would be coming all the way from Israel--but I can't afford it.

So I looked on Amazon, and I found something I liked: lavender paper with purple flowers in the corners, and purple envelopes (in which I would put my most secret letters).  I was texting with a friend at the time, and she suggested I also look on Etsy.  On Etsy, for the same price as the purple stationery, I found customizable stationery with beautiful flowers in the corners.

I am not going to customize the stationery with my name; instead, I am going to ask the seller to put my ending to all my letters to God in the space for a name.  I now sign all my letters "Love from a Young Jewish Woman" (until a few days ago it was "Love, Your Girl" but I am no longer a girl), and that is what I want in the space.

I am getting super excited!

And now, a Reece's Rainbow child, another boy from my "Jacob's" country.  I have a real heart for that country, naturally, and praying for "Jacob" is softening my heart towards boys, as well.

Also, today marks two years and nine months exactly of my being "Jacob's" Prayer Warrior. Just thought I'd mention it.  I will do a separate post just about that when we hit the three-year mark (assuming he isn't adopted by then) and another a few days later, when we hit the month of his birthday.

Now.  It is my privilege to introduce "GALAN", aging out JANUARY, 2017.  (And remember, he will only be 14 years old.)  His special needs include: anal artresia, genital malformations.


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