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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rosh Hodesh Adar I

Today (and tomorrow) is Rosh Hodesh Adar I, the start of the new Hebrew month of First Adar.  There are two Adars this year because it is a Jewish leap year, when we add an extra month to make our calendars go back to normal.  This ensures that our holidays stay within the same season each year.  The holiday of Purim, which is celebrated in Adar, is celebrated during Second Adar this year, which will be next month.

As usual, I am marking the day with the relevant special prayers, and also by wearing a ladies' tallit katan, jewelry, and my special Sabbath-holiday-and-Rosh-Hodesh bobby pins for my kippah.

In other news, I am enjoying settling in to New York; I have gotten three job leads.  Three!

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