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Monday, August 8, 2016

First Entry Today: Break. My. Heart.

[Please note that I have two topics to discuss today.  They are almost opposites, and I want to make sure they both get seen, so I am posting them as two separate posts.  This is the first.]

Please call to mind the picture of my "Jacob" that I always share second, that little tiny child in the baby seat.  That's a one-year-old, right? Two years old at the most.

It tears me up to say this, but I think that's wrong.  "Jacob" was listed on Reece's Rainbow--and therefore that's probably when the pictures were taken--just about a month shy of his third birthday. That's a three-year-old in those pictures.

Go back and look once more.  I know, it kills me too.  You see, over the years of praying for him, I have come to love my "Jacob."  How could it be any other way, when day in, day out, I mention him to God at least once? I care what happens to him; when I wrote to God about him yesterday, I was literally almost shedding tears.

I'll include the picture of "Jacob" in the seat here, just in case anyone needs it for reference:


And here is this post's aging-out kid, a girl this time, "CLARA." All it says about her age is that she was born in 2001, but remember, if she's listed on that page, she has at most EIGHTEEN MONTHS.  "Clara's" disabilities are: SENSORINEURAL BILATERAL HEARING LOSS, EXPRESSIVE LANGUAGE DISORDER.  However, her description specifies that she can talk.


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