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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Each of the gloves in the pair that Shepard gave me for Valentine's Day has lost one of the elegant little black buttons, in both cases the bottom one of the three.  To make this worse, in both cases, the button popped off somewhere and I noticed a long time later, so there was no possibility of me sewing that particular button back on.  When the first one happened, last week, Shepard encouraged me to sew on another random button to "add character," as he put it.  It took a few days for me to make peace with this solution, but I finally added a plain pink, somewhat-bigger-than-the-original-buttons, circle button.  My consistent favorite color is purple, but I am going through a pink phase right now, and I have more pink clothes (two skirts, four shirts, and soon a skort) than purple clothes (one skirt, one shirt, one pair of tights).  Anyway, when the second button popped off, in order to add even more character, I wanted a slightly different button, but I wanted to stay within a theme. Therefore, I added a plain purple, somewhat-bigger-than-the-original-buttons, circle button.

Picture below.  Now the gloves sort of match, but not quite, and I agree with Shepard: they are much more fun.  Here's hoping these buttons stay on! (Though if they don't, I have more of both kinds, and I can replace them.)

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