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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The "Do Good, Feel Good" Game Round V

Today I woke up feeling SO MUCH MORE functional than I have felt the past few weeks! I can do homework for sustained periods and send emails in which I have graduate-level vocabulary. However, I am still not entirely well, and after 2+ reading assignments, it's time for a break...and this game, which is my quickest way back to being able to focus.

In this post, the children shown will come from Reece's Rainbow's Other Angels, boys, 0-5 page. This time I specifially tried for five different countries.  Little babies...someone see them!

This is "Levi."  He is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and paraplegia.  He is two years old and in country EE-4.

Special shout-out for "Klay."  (No picture.)  He is diagnosed with sleep disorder; other childhood emotional disorders; anoxic brain damage, aftereffects of perinatal hypoxia; tracheostomy; protein energy malnutrition; language development delay.  He uses an artificial lung ventilation machine at night.  He is five years old and in country EE-8.

This is "Jeremy."  He is diagnosed with cleft palate; post-op cleft lip; limb differences for hands and feet.  He is five years old and in country PRC.
Jeremy (2)

This is "Carter."  He is diagnosed with cerebral palsy; double hemiplegia G 80.0.  He is five years old and in country EE-1.
Carter 2014

This is "Quint."  He is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and "possible other delays."  He is five years old and is in Latin America.
Jerry OCT formal

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