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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The "Do Good, Feel Good" Game Round VI

Yes, I am doing another round of this game with no break from the last.  This is because I have been reading for hours, so I need a proportional break to get myself back in the groove: not an hours-long break, but longer than just one of these posts.  Another one should make the break just the right length.

This time I am "visiting" the Other Angels, Girls, 0-5.  As in the post with this age group's boys, below, I am trying for five different countries.

This is "Jubilee."  She is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and temporal lobe epilepsy.  Her description says she is three years old, but from the date she was listed, she is almost five now. She is in Latin America.

This is "Carey."  She is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.  She is five years old and in country EE-1.

This is "Noelia."  She is diagnosed with early antenatal central nervous system defect; microcephaly; cerebral palsy with a spastic feet paraparesis; speech development delay; lack of protein energy; and received primary latent hypothyreosis.  She is five years old--or at least she was when she was listed--and in country EE-8.

This is "Rose."  She is diagnosed with a cleft lip and palate, and cerebral palsy.  She is five years old and is in country PRC.

This is "Summer."  She is diagnosed with FAS and "mixed development disorder," and was born prematurely.  She is either just turned five or very nearly five (as usual for Reece's Rainbow, only a birth month and year are given, and her fifth birthday is sometime this month), and is in country EE-7.

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