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Monday, March 13, 2017

The "Do Good, Feel Good" Game Round III

Though I did a second round of this game last night just because, this morning I need it for its original, actual purpose: a way out of negative symptoms.  Specifically, this morning I am panicking over my plans for the day.  This makes no sense because I only have one timed, scheduled thing (fieldwork 12:00-2:30), but nonetheless, that is where I am.  I am hoping to calm myself by playing this game.

In this entry, I am visiting the Other Angels, Boys, 6-9.  In case you haven't picked up the pattern, I am starting with the oldest age group, boys then girls, in each diagnosis category.  I am doing it this way because, needless to say, kids get less adoptable as they grow up; and statistically, people adopt girls more often than boys.  In other words, I am doing a post with the "least adoptable" kids in each group first.  I will move down the ages; I am doing Other Angels (catch all miscellaneous), then HIV+, and finally ending with Down syndrome.

This is "Bradley."  He is diagnosed with congenital heart disease and cerebral palsy.  He is six years old and in country PRC.

This is "Trever."  He is diagnosed with moderate mental delay; cystic hydrocele; and convergent concomitant strabismus.  He is described as being "almost eight" (I cannot find a birth date listed with him); I cannot find a country code.
Trever 408  (1)

This is "Zachary."  He is diagnosed with congenital scoliosis; club feet and poor peripheral circulation of both lower limbs; right inguinal hernia; and mild anemia.  He is six years old (very nearly seven) and in country PRC.  (This boy earned my especial good wishes because his code name is my younger brother's name and he is in my "Jacob's" country.)

This is "Jennings."  He is diagnosed with deformity of fingers of both hands; congenital blepharoptosis of both eyes; divergent squint; mild hydrocephalus; deformity of right ear, not affecting hearing.  He is six years old and in country PRC.

This is "Frederick."  He is diagnosed with low muscle tone and developmental delays.  He is seven years old and in Latin America.


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