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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pray with Me!

When the "children by region" pages disappeared from the Reece's Rainbow site about a week ago, I assumed it was a glitch that would soon be repaired. I decided to just wait it out and check for "Erin" on the "My Family Found Me" and "New Commitments" pages instead, in the hopes that someone had found and committed to her.

Today I learned that, as far as I can understand, an organization called Spotlight on Adoption is trying to force Reece's Rainbow to take down all its listings. There may in fact be some legal issues with the way Reece's Rainbow operates; I don't claim to know nearly enough about the situation to have an informed opinion. All I know is that Reece's Rainbow has found homes for over 400 children in the past five years, and there are many more children listed who need our/their help.

Would you pray with me that Reece's Rainbow "wins" this one, that the listings go back up, and that all the children involved may find families soon? THANK YOU!


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