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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Self Discipline

So much of being an observant Jew (or an observant follower of any religion, really) relies on self discipline. Almost nobody, I feel sure, feels like praying three times a day every day, and there are days when I don't feel like praying at all. Some days (usually during school vacations) I give in and simply do not recite required prayers, but more often I tell myself to get over it and I manage to pray at least once, and often twice.

Here is a list of commandments I attempt (and generally succeed) to fulfill on a daily basis.

1. Pray three times
2. Wrap tallis and tefillin
3. Recite blessings before and after eating
4. Observe laws of kashrut (keeping kosher)
5. Observe Sabbath restrictions (on the Sabbath and holidays)
6. Fast on the apropriate days
7. Add my own prayers for those who need them

And here is a list of commandments I would like to fulfill on a daily basis.

1. Ritual handwashing in the morning
2. Miscellaneous small blessings in response to the relevant phenomena
3. No longer picking at my fingers; my body belongs to God
4. (Not really a commandment, but I'm adding it anyway) Knowing when to tell about the revelations etc. I receive, and when to keep my mouth shut


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