"Don't tell God how big your storm is; tell your storm how big your God is."

I believe in God.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Snippets of God

A while back, perhaps about a year ago (I really don't remember how far back), I received the only revelation with literal words that I have ever received. The words were "...someone lighter than you..." I could make no sense of it; I had no idea what it meant or to whom it was referring.

Suddenly this morning I realized (or God revealed to me): the "someone lighter than [I]" has to do with the child I will one day adopt! It could be describing physical appearance (perhaps I am destined to adopt from Eastern Europe after all), but more likely is has to do with personality, spirit, and soul. I can't wait to find out more!

Also, although Laura Mouro tells me her family is OK right now and I believe her, I can't help but feel that the energy of the universe is turned against them. (Don't ask me what that means; I can't put it in any other words.) I will continue to pray for the health of both Laura and her unborn baby, as well as for the rest of the family.

I am beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the praying God needs me to do. In fact, I just had to turn down a case that was brought to my attention because I simply cannot handle any more. If you are the praying sort, would you mind taking up one of my causes with me (I'll be happy to write them out again; the list has grown) or even just praying for spiritual strength for me as I try to fit them all in? THANK YOU!

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