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Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Daisy's" Visit Yesterday and Two Other Notes

So now I have accomplished everything I needed to accomplish today, including lunch and afternoon prayers, up until making dinner, which I naturally won't do for a few more hours; here is the promised second blog entry of today.

--For those of you who were wondering, I bought red snapper for dinner tonight because it was the weekly special, it's kosher, and it just happens to be my second favorite fish.  (First is mackerel, last week's special!) I asked for half a pound, but the smallest fillet they had was two thirds of a pound.  Oh well...more wonderful food!

--On my way home, I stopped in at a large CVS to see if they had socks, because I only had one left...one sock, not one pair.  I bought a three-pair pack of white women's crew socks; next week I will go back and buy the same thing in black, and then I will have enough socks to get through the week (I wear tights on the Sabbath year round to be a little fancier), and I will even have a color choice!

--Now, the main point of this entry: my friend "Daisy" came to visit yesterday.  (Remember "Julie," my roommate from a few years back? "Daisy" is "Julie's" younger sister.)  Our visit would have been better if I were feeling better (by the time I get to eights and nines out of ten, there's no hiding the pain...), but we still had a good time.  I took her to an ocean-side promenade in my neighborhood, as a way to get out of the apartment and because the weather was beautiful.

Then later we were sitting together in my apartment, just talking, and I mentioned that I was going to have to do my grocery shopping that evening, and that I was hurting so much I didn't see how I could manage.  "Daisy," being herself, asked if I wanted to do it right then with her help.

My first internal reaction was something along the lines of, "Nah, it's fine, I'll be fine."  My second reaction, following so quickly on the heels of the first that I knew this was the real one, was, "It's not fine; you're not fine; take the help."  So "Daisy" and I did my grocery shopping together...and the nice thing about having two of us to carry the bags was that we could do both stores without going home to drop stuff off in the middle.

So shout out to "Daisy," my wonderful friend, and I hope we can see each other again soon!

--I knew I was forgetting something...I actually hit "publish" and had to come back to "update."  I'd like you to meet "BRIAN," a boy from my "Jacob's" country aging out NEXT APRIL.  "Brian" is diagnosed with congenital scoliosis.

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