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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ordered my Stationery and Too Close to God

So first of all, I finally settled on some affordable stationery, and ordered it! I noticed last night that Amazon had about 400 pages of results for "stationery", so I looked through the first 15, bookmarking anything I liked under 15 dollars.  This gave me about seven results to choose from today.  The stationery I finally went with is a pinkish-purple color, with a looks-hand-painted (yes, obviously, I know it isn't) Easter lily printed in the upper left corner.  It is 8-1/2" by 11", a good size for writing to God (my letters can get long; I really need something full sized), and best of all, there's something like 80 or 100 sheets in the pack, which will last me, at the very least, 40 days

Which brings me to the second part of this blog entry.  I think I am starting to get too close to God, and I need to pull back; remember the link between revelations and bipolar episodes.  (The revelations, or mystical experiences as I prefer to call them, are entirely real in and of themselves, and not symptoms of bipolar disorder; what I'm saying is that they lead to bipolar episodes.)  This afternoon when I said afternoon prayers, which only take about five minutes, I had to stop three mystical experiences.  (I make them stop by doing something that hurts a lot, such as scrunching my toes; the pain distracts me.  My mother once suggested that this is why God gave me chronic pain.)  That's one mystical experience every two minutes of prayer! Too close.  I cannot decrease my number of required prayer times, because those are required of me as a Jew; however, I can and will decrease my number of daily letters to God from maximum three to maximum two.  If I still have "problems," (it's sad when getting close to God is a problem, but unfortunately for me right now it is), I will decrease again, to maximum one letter per day.

Now.  You guessed it: Time for you all to see a picture of another Reece's Rainbow aging-out child.  In this entry, I have to share a boy, and I have shared so many from "Jacob's" country recently that I would like to share someone from somewhere else.  So I meant to share the first boy listed after "Elize" from a different country, but I have passed this boy over too many times, and I feel called to share him.  Please meet "NELSON," aging out in OCTOBER, diagnosed with Hypotheriosis:

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