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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Disappointed--and Thrilled

As of writing this post, I am both disappointed and thrilled.

I am disappointed with the results of my two-day Ketamine booster, because I know my life can be so much better than this.  I'm fully functional, but only just, and in a lot of pain, everywhere, all the time.  Doctor and I had agreed to "wait and see" if two days would be all I needed; now I know it wasn't.  On my father's suggestion (he's the one who transports me), I am waiting until Monday to contact the doctor, because sometimes if one waits for RSD to get better, it magically does...and also because I want to walk to synagogue, and see how much that hurts, so I have that as a data point.

When/if I call the doctor, I will also discuss my reaction to a medication given to manage side effects.  It is the one medication given that cannot be given intravenously; it is given as an injection, instead.  In the middle of the night last night, I woke up feverish, with the complete inability to straighten my arm where the injections had been given.  A friend to whom I told this story says I should have called the doctor right then (due to the possibility of allergic reaction); she may be right, but it was the middle of the night, I wasn't thinking that clearly, so I just took pain killer and went back to sleep...and woke up fine this morning.

I do, however, also have reason to be thrilled, as it says in the title.  As of this Summer, it will be two years since I first got "into" full-time skirts.  I quickly ordered several from myculottes.com, because they were beautiful, functional, and cheap, at $20.00 per skirt for cotton and poplin, and $23.00 for twill and denim.  At the time, I fit into their size large (and their skirts even have elastic waists...) which means extra-large everywhere else.

Last Summer, I ordered another thing or two from them.  We measured my hips (which they size by) again because I had lost so much weight.  I now fit a medium (still large everywhere else), but only by one inch.  I WAS ALMOST A SIZE SMALL.

And now, this Summer, I need just one more item: a long denim skirt to replace the one I lost in so many moves.  It was made by them, and only $23.00, and I have lost so much weight that I feel comfortable ordering...size small.

And now, please meet "ANDRUIS," aging out in DECEMBER, and diagnosed with Down syndrome (otherwise healthy)!



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