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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Selfie, Just Because, and What I Want for Hannukah (Nine Months in Advance)

(First a note that I am blogging twice today; I decided to do it that way so the entry topics don't interfere with each other.  Right now I am blogging the picture below, and later today after I take care of business--looking for work, writing a graduate school application essay, looking for work some more, and buying fresh fish for dinner--I will be posting about my friend "Daisy's" [code name used per request] visit yesterday.)

I was so, so happy with my outfit today--and so, so proud of my recent weight loss--that I just had to take a picture and share.  I decided the best way to capture the full outfit would be to take a selfie in the full length mirror on the bathroom door.  Below is a picture of the outfit, and following, an explanation.

Now, an explanation of the outfit, top down:

Kippah: Machine embroidered silk from website of designer Yair Emanuel.  This one is the second or third one I got, depending how you count.  I got the white one first, and then this one and the blue one together.  It's hard to see it in this picture, but the design is geometric shapes in different shades of pink on a background the website calls magenta, though I think of it more as burgundy.  Today I clipped my kippah into place with purple clips with plastic flowers on the ends.

Tallit Katan: The purple/pink flowered one that I made myself this past winter.  Unless I wear the ladies' kind, which I try to save for really special occasions, my tallit katan always shows above the neckline of this shirt.  I figured I might as well wear the pretty one, especially considering that my skirt is in the same color scheme and print theme.

Shirt: Magenta blouse, long sleeve, with three dimensional ruffles and roses at the collar.  I picked it out even before I picked out the kippah and tallit katan, as soon as I knew I was wearing the skirt today.

Skirt: Long pink cotton print, from myculottes.com.  Much to my joy, this one still fits and does not need to be taken in at the waist! In case you can't see it well in the picture above, I will describe: pastel pink background, print of vines in white and slightly darker pink.

Tights: Burgundy; they at least match the kippah, if nothing else, and they sort of go with the skirt and shirt.

Shoes: My normal, everyday sneakers, which just happen to have a little bit of pink on them!

Now.  I think I have decided what I want for Hannukah, and I am waiting that long because that is the only way I can justify the expense.  There is a company, Lilla Rose; they make gorgeous, beautiful, very expensive hair clips and such.  I would like a pair of their bobby pins so I can have alternatives with Sabbath-holiday-Rosh-Hodesh-and-special-occasion kippah clips.  (I have one fancy set right now; with all those occasions to use them for, they get a lot of use.)  I decided an all metal pair would be better than a pair with rhinestones, because if they're all metal I don't have to worry about matching colors.  The pair I settled on is "copper rose"...unsurprisingly, they are copper, with roses on the ends.  I fell for the roses first, I think, but I also think copper looks more interesting than silver.  An additional advantage to buying an all-metal pair is that those fall around 10 dollars, while the p airs with rhinestones and such fall around 13-15 dollars.  And this is why I'm waiting till Hannukah...I simply cannot justify spending 10 dollars on a single pair of bobby pins otherwise.

And...please meet "EMMALYN," aging out NEXT MAY, and diagnosed with Down syndrome.


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