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Monday, March 14, 2016

Stream of Consciousness: Mostly Skirts, Daily Adventures

In this post, I am typing "stream of consciousness" style: no organizational rules, just whatever comes to mind.

I have lost so much weight recently that all of my weekday skirts, and probably some of my Sabbath skirts, too, need to be taken in at the waist, save two.  My short denim still fits because it was taken in already just a few months ago (was too big even then), and my black/navy/red "modesty trainer" skirt fits because it was a "one size fits all" with an elastic waistband; as a matter of fact it just recently started fitting comfortably.

I am glad I shopped around a bit for price quotes on alterations.  The first place I went, located conveniently on my way to and from the laundromat, said they would do what I needed for 25 dollars per skirt.  I thought that seemed kind of high, so I found another place, almost as conveniently located, and they said they do what I need for 20 dollars a skirt.  Five dollars doesn't seem like much difference...until you consider that I need something like eight or nine skirts/skorts altered, more if we're counting Sabbath clothes.  Now we'e talking real money difference.

I have decided to get things taken in following this order: gray skort, teal skort, coral pink stretchy, royal blue stretchy, medium denim (if it needs it; I have to try that one on still), long pink, long brown, long black with flowers, white Sabbath skirt, other Sabbath skirt.  (The Sabbath skirts go last because I still have one Sabbath skirt and one fancy dress that definitely fit, so I can get by without the other two skirts.)  Then if my parents have the money (or I have the money myself if I am--please, please, please--working by then), I will replace my long denim.  I can live without it, while I can't live without the skirts I already have, and I need them to fit me.

Today I was at the laundromat, and I was chatting with a worker (all the workers there are Polish Catholics).  She mentioned that she had never seen a woman in a kippah before.  Not that she knows the word, being a Polish Catholic immigrant; we kind of point to my head and grunt when we talk about it.  I chuckled, and mentioned that I had been wondering how long it was going to take her to ask that.  Justifiably, she pointed out that she was not familiar with my culture, and then she asked again.

I like this woman, and I wanted to give her the right response.  Instead of just my current reason, that men and women are equal before God and have the same responsibilities and obligations, I also gave her the original reason, that I wanted people to know I was Jewish, and to know fast, and wearing a kippah seemed like the fastest way to let them know.  I then had to deal with a weird cultural moment: this woman simply could not comprehend the level of Jewish pride that would lead to such a decision.

If one wants to follow Jewish laws of modesty, as I do in skirts (not in tops, though I do like a fairly modest look, but in skirts I think I am actually accidentally staying tzniusdik, or Jewishly modest; I do not wear formfitting clothing or anything that does not cover my knees) it is good to be short.  (I am exactly five feet tall.)  As I mentioned somewhere earlier in this post, the skirt I have on today was a one-size-fits-all.  On the model in the picture, it fell to just above the knee.  On me, it falls to three or four inches below my knee.

Job hunting has not been going as well as expected.  It's partly my fault--I had fallen back on checking babysitting on MacherUSA; and babysitting, childcare, tutoring, and research assistant on Craigslist.  Today I went on Google and found some more sites with job listings: Monster, Job-Hunt, and Indeed.com.  I will add them to my daily rotation.  I have so much to sift through now that I think each day I will search in two shifts, so I can give each site proper attention.

I am getting so, so, SO excited about my new stationery (the stuff I shared a picture of a few entries back)! Eight more sheets of cardstock, and then...gorgeousness awaits.  I have no doubt I will be thoroughly sick of the new stuff before it's gone, as there are eighty sheets and they're all identical, but right now, it's fresh, new, and waiting for me.

And finally, if you're still reading, as always, I ask for prayers for my "Jacob."  His pictures--and the description with them--are old.  I got to him as Prayer Warrior before he turned three; this year he's turning six.  There has been no update; I pray that doesn't mean the worst.

But now it's time to share a different Reece's Rainbow child, an older one.  Please meet "BRYANNAH," who has at most EIGHTEEN MONTHS left.  Her only special need is Down syndrome!



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