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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On the Reece's Rainbow Front...

First and most importantly, as I mentioned yesterday, I started an open Facebook group called "Reece's Rainbow Awareness." Please go join! What I did not mention was that this Thursday we are having an event I named "Domino Status Flood." The idea is that for just two hours on Thursday, you devote your Facebook status to Reece's Rainbow: who they are, what they do, why it is important, and a link back to their website; three sentences minimum. If you wish to see the original announcement, join the Facebook group and go to Events.

Today, as always, "Rheann" is very much on my mind, but so are the Down Syndrome boys ages 6-9. Many, if not most, of these boys have already been transferred to mental institutions, and the sad truth is that by the time these kids are considered "older," (AKA now)  fewer people want to adopt them. Not only that, but to my understanding, they will "age out" at age sixteen when, if they were not institutionalized already, they will be transferred to an adult institution, where they will spend the rest of their lives.

 (I did a post last November called "Raising Awareness: Mental Institutions." If you need an eye-opener for this cause, go read it.)

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